I Will Always Try

Sokka try

Zuko: Even though you’ll probably fail over and over and over again, you have to try to every time. You can’t quit because you’re afraid you might fail.

Throughout my life I’ve hit the reset button. I’m the Grand Master Planner, always making lists of things I want to do, have to do, should do, have done. I draw up large schedules and post them on my fridge with weekly goals and plans. I’m great at planning and starting, but not so good at the follow through. I crash and burn over and over again. Terribly, horrifyingly, and sometimes dangerously so.

But, I always have and ALWAYS WILL pick myself up again. I’ve learned to fall in love with my shadows and sometimes I find the beauty in my scars. My Spirit is alive and strong and I won’t let it be defeated no matter how hard I tumble and how dark life sometimes seems. As it should. Life is made up of dark and light. That is what I aspire to reach again and again: my own Light and to keep it ablaze.

In the past I held back on going after what I wanted because I didn’t think I would be able to handle it if I failed. Sometimes I’d even sabotage my efforts by not giving 100% and then berate myself for failing, again. I’ve come a good way from allowing that behaviour, but I still see it’s influence. Mostly in the form of procrastination. But I’m on to me, so to speak, and I get down to work soon enough.

Last year was all about healing. This year is all about growth. I am testing my boundaries and pushing myself to explore what life has to offer. I know I have a second chance here and fear of failing, or not measuring up, is not going to hold me back this time.

Love, Phoenix


This is Post I, in the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015. My 26 posts are inspired by the quotes from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, two Emmy award-winning animated television series created and produced by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The setting for both series is in an Asian-influenced world of martial arts and elemental manipulation. The shows drew on elements from East Asian, South Asian, and Western culture, and (aside from the kick-ass story lines, beautifully developed characters and exceptional storyboards) are where I found a wealth of inspiration and perspective on my own life.

The rest of my A to Z 2015 posts can be found here.


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