The Unanswerable Questions


 Why is it you never have to explain why you drink, but always have to explain why you don’t?

Why do people say: I’ll feel more comfortable if you have a drink with me?

What do you do when people don’t respect your choice to stop drinking?

Why do most dining establishments offer only coffee, soft drinks, and water as non-alcoholic options?

Is it ever polite for an alcoholic to say to someone: “I think you have a problem with alcohol.” ?

When will it be socially acceptable for me to say: “Sorry, I can’t date someone who drinks.” ?


  1. I don’t know if telling someone that they might have a problem with alcohol outright can or does change anything. I know one or two people who might – they might be hard partyers, or they might be one of us. No idea. But I don’t go there – that’s their deal. I am open to many folks about my recovery, so if someone wants to talk…then I am there. I don’t want to go around declaring folks alkies. But I keep my eye on certain ones 🙂

    1. Hi Paul
      Yes, I don’t think I’ll come right out and tell someone that I think they have a problem. I’ll come off as a showy know it all. Unless asked for my advice or opinion I’ll probably keep quiet. But I will keep my eyes open and on certain folks. I know exactly what you mean.

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